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[Heels Optional] Sporting pride at work

In honor of the Oakland A's vs. Texas Rangers game this afternoon. How to sport your team's colors at work. Sporting pride at work

Rejoice for Awesome Saturday!

Back in much simpler times farawaypoints and My Evil TwinTM created Awesome Saturday, which is still celebrated, because really how could you not! For those that may have not heard of Awesome Saturday the original explanation can be found here: http://farawaypoints.livejournal.com/747683.html

Whilst I will be spending Awesome Saturday and Meatster away from many of my friends this year. I will make sure that Alan and I enjoy a lovely breakfast together, followed by much calling/texting huzzah! :)

Happy Awesome Saturday and Happy Meatster one and all!

Say What?

I had to share this. Its from one of the blogs I read. The second part sounds like conversations I have with some people these days.




If anyone starts in about Peyton sucking I will kick their ass.

I am happy with how the Superbowl turned out.

In case you haven't seen/heard

Bay Area folks - pass it along..and make alternate plans until the bridge reopens.


A Shout Out to All My Canucks!